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Protecting Her Heart -- Melanie Atkins

Risking it All -- Novella out in May by Desert Breeze Publishing

Upset after flunking out of nursing school, Emma Stone is shocked when her no-good half-brother Wally, a wanted fugitive, shows up on her doorstep. She hasn't seen him in years and can't fathom why he's here, until he reminds her she received the bulk of their father's estate and demands she fork over enough cash to get him out of the country -- or else.

Chase Martin has trust issues after losing his best friend in Afghanistan thanks to a botched medical procedure. He's just mustered out and is having a hard time integrating back into civilian life. Landing a job as a bounty hunter helps. His first task takes him to the tiny town of Possum Corner in search of a fugitive who jumped bail and has now holed up with his sister.

Emma refuses to help Wally, so he takes her hostage. Then Chase knocks on her door. Wally shoots Chase and orders Emma to drag him inside. Scared out of her mind, Emma does so, even though the sight of blood makes her stomach churn. To keep the handsome stranger from bleeding out, she must overcome her greatest fear… and Chase has no choice but to trust her.




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