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Mad Dogs & Moonshine

Anthology of Southern short stories, which includes my story Moving the Finish Line

$18 ... to buy, email me at melanie@melanieatkins.com


Fireflies in Fruit Jar Anthology--Heads you Win, Tails you Lose

Available from Queenshill Press. Please e-mail me if you're interested in purchasing this book.


The Endless Present by Melanie Noto and Jerome Goddard Phd

Time may be real and predictable, but the perception of time is variable, depending upon one’s brain processing speed. At least that is Duke Livermore’s theory. The problem is, other professors at the University of Mississippi are better able to pursue research concerning the theory: Duke’s theory.

Modern scientific research is fraught with unforseen consequences, and this becomes evident as Duke develops gnawing doubts about the trustworthiness of one of his colleagues, Dr. Kirkwood Swartz, a physiologist he suspects is conducting unethical research.

Duke seeks to expose his fellow professor’s unscrupulous activies, never suspecting that uncovering what lies behind the walls of Swartz’s animal research facility may cost him and his his wife their very lives.



The From The Sleeping Porch Anthology--Bleeding Heart

Please e-mail me if you're intereted in purchasing this book.


Moving the Finish Line

“Moving the Finish Line” is the story of a woman who's fed up with her life…and her husband. When he has a heart attack and survives, she takes matters into her own hands and kills him herself.



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